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Our Coffees
All our coffees are ethically sourced, single origin coffees. This means that every coffee can be traced back to the farmer or farmer cooperative who produced it. Coffee is a seasonal product - and so we follow the harvest seasons for coffee around the planet and aim to always bring you the freshest, most delicious and transparently traded specialty-grade coffees from all the big growing regions of the world: Central America, South America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

Because all our coffees are grown, selected and roasted with care and dedication to quality we choose not to blend them together but to pass them on to you as single origins. Our roasts are 'omni-roasts', which are medium-light, to bring out all the delicious fruity, chocolatey, nutty, floral and sweet notes that nature creates and they are great for Espresso preparation as well as brewed coffee (e.g. Cafetiére, filter coffee, V60, AeroPress etc.).

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