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This beautiful coffee from the farmers of Karangan village is back for the third year in a row. It's a fully washed lot which has a ‘classic’ coffee taste profile – it is deep and rich and has a spiciness to it that will make the coffee lover’s heart jump with joy and not just from caffeine! The first sip hits you with a feeling of ‘Ahh that’s what coffee should taste like’. It then opens up to reveal a very pleasant cake or biscuit-like aroma which reminded us of a spicy and chocolatey banana bread and leaves you with a slightly tart and creamy aftertaste that lingers on your palate for a while. Simply delicious!


Background Info:


Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation, consisting of over 17,000 islands in total. The primary Indonesian ‘coffee islands’ are Sumatra, Java and home to this particular lot – Sulawesi. As the 4th largest coffee exporting country in the world, Indonesia produces about three times as much Robusta coffee as it does Arabica and only a fraction of that is specialty grade Arabica. All in all, Indonesia is a very underrated coffee origin; if you find the right partners to foster good agricultural practices at farm level and to help farmers unleash the full flavour potential in their crop, Indonesian coffees have proven themselves to be absolutely outstanding in depth and richness. And that is exactly what our friends and green coffee importers at THIS SIDE UP COFFEE in Amsterdam do in partnering up with their Indonesian counterpart ONTOSOROH COFFEES.


Ontosoroh have taken on quite a challenge in working with the coffee farmers of the Enrekang regency. As it turns out, being a coffee farmer in this region involves a lot of risk factors i.e global warming, water resource grab, unprofitable economics just to name a few. Coffee cultivation in Enrekang competes with massive monoculture farming of shallots for land and water in the vicinity. The problems are compounded by differences in growing conditions of these two crops; coffee plants need shade to produce the best quality, shallots require total sunlight to grow. The coffee in this area is organic by default, meaning the farmers traditionally avoid the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, however the shallot monoculture requires artificial fertilizers. Working with farmers in this region long-term, will require finding ways of bringing these seemingly different visions for the region together through strong agroforestry practices and other ways of reconciling the differences.


The farmers of Karangan village have produced this complex and creamy fully washed coffee which we simply couldn’t resist buying. The coffee cherries are depulped and then wet fermented by submerging/soaking them in a water tank for 24-48 hours. After that, they are rinsed off and dried on raised netted beds. This classic fully washed processing method gives this coffee a very clean and crisp acidity which is nicely balanced out by a spicy sweetness that definitely leaves you wanted for more.

Enrekang Karangan - Fully Washed

PriceFrom £8.50
  • 100% Arabica, medium roast

    Origin: Indonesia
    Region: Buntu Batu district, Enrekang regency, South Sulawesi
    Altitude: 1300-1750 masl
    Producer: Mixed village lot from the farmers of Karangan village
    Process: Fully washed, uncertified organic
    Varietal: S795
    Tasting Notes: Pink Grapefruit, Nutmeg, Banana Bread
    Recommended for: Espresso and Brewed Coffee

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