This brilliant Brazilian coffee brings a bit of everything to the table: it's sweet and chocolatey but has a nice fruity punch at the same time. It's great as an everyday Filter Coffee, really rich as Espresso on it's own and mellows out nicely with milk - a great allrounder in other words.


Background Info:


This 100% Arabica coffee is grown by Simone Paiva Rezende Pinto Nogueira whose family has owned Fazenda Rapadura since 1850. The farm is situated in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais at an altitude of approx. 1000masl. Simone is a member of a farmer cooperative called Minasul who process, market and sell their members’ coffee directly.


Founded in 1958, Minasul has access to over 6,800 coffee producers in Minas Gerais. The co-op’s members benefit from a large service portfolio that provides assistance throughout the entire production process including pre- and post-harvest agronomic consultancies, warehousing, financial support, sales programs and lower product rates.


When the producer - in this case Simone -  is looking to sell their coffee, Minasul has a variety of sales programs, for both internal market and exports, to find the right buyer for their coffee at the best possible price. Simone receives an advanced premium for her coffees that is guaranteed to be more than what the internal market would have paid. This initial sale is to keep the producer safe from any market and logistical risks, but at the same time, keeps them involved in the process of shipping from farm to roaster and gives them access to any premiums achieved for their coffee. 


With the objective to shorten the distance from Minasul’s producers to roasters in Europe, the cooperative set up an office in the UK to offer their high-end coffees to quality and relationship focused roasters.


Fazenda Rapadura - Pulped Natural

  • 100% Arabica

    Origin: Brazil

    Region: Minas Gerais, near Varginha

    Farm: Fazenda Rapadura

    Altitude: 1000 masl

    Producer: Simone Paiva Rezende Pinto Nogueira

    Process: Pulped Natural

    Varietal: Catuai Catucai, Mundo Novo

    Tasting Notes: Toffee Apple, Dark Chocolate, Pleasant Acidity

    Recommended for: Espresso and Brewed Coffee



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