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This coffee is a perfect showcase of the best Colombian coffees have to offer. It's bright and citrussy, incredibly clean, with subtle floral notes that reminded us of a beautiful English tea rose. If you have ever wondered what all the fuss is about with Colombian coffees, try this one and you will understand!


Social Kontext:


We are buying this coffee through our main green coffee supplier This Side Up from the Netherlands. It comes from the small and rather remote village of Colón Genova on the border of the departments of Nariño and Cauca. Here, father and son team Efrain and Juan Pablo Argote have been revolutionising the ways coffee has been grown and processed in this area for over 100 years. Juan Pablo moved back to his family farm after living and studying in the big city and started to realise the potential the coffee from their region actually held. He met Lennart from This Side Up in 2014 and they hit if off immediately, speaking the same language of what they both want a sustainable coffee supply chain to look like. With the help of this new partnership, the Argotes started improving their farm infrastructure, their on-farm processing of coffee, they started experimenting to improve quality and diversity of lots and slowly won over friends and neighbours in the village to follow their lead and come together to do their own exporting. Today, not a farmer in the village of Génova is untouched by the influence of the regenerative, organic and direct trade messages that the Argote project has been sending out. 


This particular lot is produced by a young female farmer working her own coffee plot in the surrounding area of Génova - Yuli Urbano.


Environmental Kontext:


In 2018 the Argote family with the help of This Side Up set up an Agroforestry Training Hub that allows farmers in Nariño and the surrounding area to learn about sustainability, biofertilisation, and the use of the digital tools that can eventually lead them to commercialise their coffee in a transparent, sustainable, and traceable way, adapted to the current specialty coffee market. Their goal is to inspire more farmers to see the real potential of coffee cultivation in the area, promote sustainable and regenerative practices, soil health,  and bio fertilisation, as well as promote gender equality in the region. In a country where the government heavily subsidises artificial inputs like fertilisers and pesticides, the educational work that is achieved at the training facility is rare and very precious! Find out more about this amaying project.


Economic Kontext:


The example of Argote Specialty Coffee  and the village of Colón Genova shows just how greatly one can impact a community by buying coffee straight from smallholder farms. When this collaboration started, our friends at This Side Up sat down with Juan Pablo and  calculated that if five containers of the village's specialty coffee could be sold through direct channels, there would be enough money to provide adequate food supplies, health care, and education for everyone there. It didn’t take long before they started discussing how they could work together to reach these goals and they have been working towards this dilligently evcer since.

Genova - Fully Washed

PriceFrom £12.00
  • 100% Arabica - medium-light roast

    Origin: Colombia
    Region: Nariño, village of Colón Genova
    Altitude: 1950 - 2800 masl
    Producer: Yuli Urbano & Argote Specialty Coffee
    Process: Fully Washed
    Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Catuai
    Tasting Notes: Amalfi Lemon, White Nougat, Tea Rose
    Recommended for: Espresso and Brewed Coffee

    • 250g bags are resealable with aroma valve made from omnidegradable material - best before 6 months from roast date
    • 600g bags are made from plastic free FSC certified paper, non-resealable and fully kerbside recylcable, recommended as a refill option for airtight coffee containers - best before 8 weeks (in bag) and 6months (in airtight container) from roasst date

    Learn more about our new packaging! And grab yourself a deal on our coffee + container bundles!

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