You know that feeling when you long for a really good cup of coffee – the kind of coffee that wraps itself around your taste buds and won’t let go until your brain goes: “Ping – HAPPY”. This coffee tastes like a hug from one of your favourite people! It’s warm, it’s sweet, it has a super bright and complex acidity – equivalent to a big old smile - and just makes you happy. It also has a really pleasant nutty note which gives it depth and a long lasting aftertaste. But please don’t take our word for it – smell it, taste it, enjoy it!


Background Info:


Aldo Annese of Finca Casa Aurora is the producer of this delicious lot. His plantation lies in the beautiful mountain range of Sierra de Chama in northern Guatemala, in the Santa Cruz Verapaz region. This area, situated at an average altitude of 1,450-1,500 meters above sea level, is well known for having a humid subtropical cloud forest ecosystem and rich volcanic soil.

European immigrants first started cultivating the land in 1887 and named the farm after a type of bird that is indigenous to the area. They were growing jute, coffee and sugarcane and the estate started to prosper. Not much changed in terms of the infrastructure and the way things were done until about 15 years ago, when the whole plantation was renovated with state of the art coffee processing equipment and new coffee varieties yielding specialty coffee of the highest quality. We are sourcing this coffee through our direct trade partners from Right Side Coffee Roasters in Barcelona, Spain and Joaquin, the founder of Right Side, assures us that the facilities Aldo put in at the farm are some of the highest standard facilities he has seen in Latin America. Finca Casa Aurora is certified by the Rainforest Alliance which reflects their efforts and strife for social and environmental sustainability.


This coffee has undergone a relatively new type of processing called washed anaerobic fermentation; this means the fermentation process, where sugars contained within the coffee seeds are turned into different types of acidity and other aromatic compounds, takes place without the presence of oxygen due to the storage of the coffee seeds in sealed tanks rather than open water basins as with regular fully washed processing. The coffee cherries are harvested at their optimum ripeness; they are then pulped to get rid of most of the fruity flesh surrounding the coffee seed and fermented in an airtight water tank for 72h. This allows the producer to gain much better control over the fermentation process. It can be slowed down and stretched out over a longer period of time which results in an incredibly clean and well defined cup profile and increases overall quality and consistency. Afterwards, the coffee beans are washed in clean water and dried in two stages: in the first stage a mechanical dryer is used to get rid of a lot of the moisture contained in the parchment coffee, in the second stage the coffee grains are spread out on stretchers to get moisture levels down to a final 10 to 11% - the ideal moisture level of green coffee to prevent it from aging too quickly during transport and storage.

Guatemala Aurora - Fully Washed

Ground/Whole Bean

    100%  Arabica

    Origin: Guatemala
    Region: Santa Cruz Verapaz
    Altitude:  1,550 masl
    Producer: Aldo Annese
    Process: Fully Washed, Anaerobic Fermentation
    Varietal: Caturra, Bourbon
    Tasting Notes: Salted Caramel, Hazelnuts, Tamarind
    Recommended for: Brewed coffee, Espresso


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