This is THE Ethiopian coffee we have been waiting for! It comes to us from the Guji Uraga region in Southern Ethiopia and when we first tasted it last summer, our taste buds started singing. Some of the most complex and beautifully delicate coffees come from Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee and this coffee is one of the most amazing examples of what this origin has to offer! It has a distinct Earl Grey like note to it, very characteristic of coffees from the Guji area. It’s a natural coffee but the natural fermented notes are very subtle and come through as a light touch of blueberry with a nutty and creamy sweetness which reminded us of nougat. Long story short – we are in love! Try this!


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***SPELLCHECK ALERT: we were so eager to get this coffee in the roaster that we went one step too quickly and didn’t double-check our spelling before we got the labels printed. The name on our label usually refers to the place of origin for each coffee. In this case however the village where many of the smallholders live who produce this coffee is called Sonkolle not Sankolle, as the label would suggest. We apologise for this honest mistake and hope you will still be able to enjoy this beauty.


Most of the coffee from Ethiopia is grown by smallholders on their plots of land sometimes not much bigger than a garden, often in the middle of lush diverse forests, using traditional farming techniques that rarely involve the use of any chemicals - which makes most Ethiopian coffees like this one organic by default. It is common practice for farmers to get together in cooperatives to manage and organize post-harvest processing of their coffee fruit and share the costs for the facilities and equipment necessary to do so.


As mentioned, this coffee is produced by smallholder farmers from around the village of Sonkolle in Uraga - a sub-area of the Guji region in the South of the country. The area is difficult to access, it is at a fairly high altitude of 2,260 masl, relatively cool and wet and the soil is rich and dark surrounded by old-growth forests. The coffee cherries are hand-picked and -sorted to ensure that only the ripest fruits are used. After that they are transferred to raised African beds and left to dry in the sun until the desired moisture levels are achieved.


This lot is part of a collaboration with our friends from Right Side Coffee Roasters in Barcelona, Spain. Lara, co-owner and quality manager at Right Side, travels to Ethiopia every year to visit the farmers and logistics partners they work with and to ensure transparency and outstanding quality in the coffees they source.

Guji Sonkolle

PriceFrom £9.95
  • 100%  Arabica, medium-light roast

    Origin: Ethiopia
    Region: Guji Uraga, Oromia region
    Altitude:  2,260 masl
    Producer: Smallholder farmers of Sonkolle village
    Process: Natural
    Varietal: Ethiopian landrace ‘heirloom’
    Tasting Notes: Earl Grey, Blueberries, Nougat
    Recommended for: Brewed coffee, Espresso