This coffee makes for a very elegant cup profile. It has a fine acidity reminiscent of red apples, a nicely rounded, caramelly nuttiness like walnuts and a rich and dark sweetness that reminds us of sticky molasses. The special lactic fermentation process gives it a very balanced and clean complexity that is deeply satisfying. Andungsari is a single variety, experimental ‘nano-lot’ - only 8 bags of it were produced in total this year, 3 of which we were lucky enough to get our hands on.


Background Info:


Coffee grower Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq Mustianingtyas started their first coffee project in Sindangkerta, Weninggalih area in West Java in 2010 which later became Java Frinsa Estate. The outstanding quality of coffee they produce is the direct result of an abundance of knowledge, curiosity and hard work invested into its cultivation on their estate. In the late 2000s a combination of earthquakes, heavy rain falls and agricultural land mismanagement led to devastating landslides in the area. This tragedy prompted Mr Wildan, a trained agricultural scientist who at the time was already a successful potato farmer, to venture out into the coffee growing business. Due to his background, he knew that the roots of the coffee plants would enhance the density of the topsoil and help prevent future erosion and he also realized the potential of high quality coffee as a cash crop.


Mr Wildan is constantly experimenting with different coffee varieties and processing methods to increase the quality of his coffees as well as the efficiency and sustainability of his business. He is also sharing what he learns with his community to enable other farmers to emulate his success story and in doing so he is uniting everyone behind the objectives of using more environmentally friendly agricultural methods to increase economic viability and overall sustainability.


The harvest on the estate takes place from May to September. Andungsari is a tiny ‘nano’ lot of coffee that underwent a special process: The coffee cherries were hand-picked and hand-sorted to get rid of any unripe and diseased fruit. They were washed and depulped, then left to ferment in water tanks with small amounts of lactobacillus sp. added for 18 hours (lactic fermentation), washed again in clean water and dried in the sun before being sorted by hand for the best quality.


The lactic fermentation process produces a cleaner, more brilliant acidity, increases the body and adds a slightly creamy mouthfeel to this coffee’s cup profile. The diligence and effort invested in hand sorting the coffee and controlling the fermentation process have paid off by elevating this lot to the next level. We hope you enjoy every sip of it!

Indonesia Andungsari

Ground/Whole Bean
  • 100% Arabica, medium-light roast

    Origin: Indonesia
    Region: Pangalengan District, West Java
    Farm: Java Frinsa Estate
    Altitude: ~1400 masl
    Producer: Wildan Mustofa (husband), Atieq Mustianingtyas (wife)
    Process: Fully Washed, lactic fermentation
    Varietal: Andungsari
    Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Walnuts, Molasses
    Recommended for: Espresso and Brewed Coffee


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