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The DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) is another new origin we are introducing to our range this year. We selected a natural for our first dip into Congolese coffee and it’s a beauty for sure: Very clean, very sweet with raspberry-like notes and a sweetness that is truly enticing. It also brings a fresh and very clean acidity to the cup with a layer of spice notes which gives it a delicious complexity both as a Filter coffee and Espresso.


Background Info:


The Democratic Republic of the Congo can be a precarious place. The BBC characterises the DRC like this: “The recent history of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) has been one of civil war and corruption. It is rich in natural resources but has suffered from political instability, a lack of infrastructure, centuries of both commercial and colonial exploitation, and little widespread development since independence.”


And yet, our green coffee partners from This Side Up in the Netherlands and their Congolese counterparts from the RAEK Cooperative in South Kivu have seen that coffee can contribute to peace when other efforts have failed. When it comes to the producer groups our Dutch friends are working with, coffee has become a safe economic alternative for ex-army groups, widows of ex-fighters and wives of imprisoned fighters. In being a reliable partner for RAEK who provides steady access to the coffee market at prices that not only afford producers a decent living but enable them to improve infrastructure and living conditions overall, they have built a partnership that is working towards creating a truly sustainable economic solution. One important part of the solution is tackling the thorny and uncomfortable issue of child labour in agricultural supply chains - This Side Up are not turning their eyes from this issue and have found an amazing way to contribute in a positive way towards the end of child labour in this particular situation. Read about their work.


This particular coffee comes from the coffee growers of Katana. Many farmers in this town switched to coffee cultivation after giving up on their banana and cassava plantations hit by the terrible welter disease. Coffee proved profitable as long as they could focus on producing quality. The processing assistance provided by RAEKs' trained agronomists has allowed this group of farmers to increase their quality steadily. Besides offering technological and processing assistance, RAEK provides its members with free school supplies, seeds, coffee seedlings, and shade trees. In recent years, the cooperative has been pushing agroecological practices amongst their members to improve environmental sustainability through the cultivation of shade trees and care for the soil. The coffee they grow is organic certified.


This natural coffee was first shade dried, then sun dried and consistently turned to achieve the lowest possible amount of defects. 

Katana - Natural

PriceFrom £9.00
  • 100% Arabica, medium-light roast

    Origin: Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Region: South Kivu, Katana
    Altitude: 1400-1800 masl
    Producer: RAEK Cooperative
    Process: Natural
    Varietal: Typica (JBM), Bourbon (Jackson)
    Tasting Notes: Cacao, Raspberry, Spices
    Recommended for: Espresso and Brewed Coffee

    • 250g bags are resealable with aroma valve made from omnidegradable material - best before 6 months from roast date
    • 600g bags are made from plastic free FSC certified paper, non-resealable and fully kerbside recylcable, recommended as a refill option for airtight coffee containers - best before 8 weeks (in bag) and 6months (in airtight container) from roasst date

    Learn more about our new packaging! And grab yourself a deal on our coffee + container bundles!

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