The idea behind this special ‘Moments of Joy’ selection is to bring together thoughtfully sourced and crafted ingredients with tasty moments of comfort.


It is a collaboration between Comins Tea, Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely and Kontext Coffee Company. We put together a limited summer edition containing some of our finest tea, chocolate and coffee that can be enjoyed hot - for a 'curl-up-on-the-sofa' kind of experience - as well as icy cold, for a refreshing cool down on a hot summer's day.


We hope, as you sit down with a cup in your hands, you can taste the love that goes into our coffee, tea and hot chocolate and we manage to bring small moments of comfort and happiness to your life with every sip you take.


We truly believe that deliciousness and sustainability have to go together to future-proof our favourite comfort drinks.


Behind each cup lies a chain of humans involved in the cultivation, cropping and preparation of the plants that eventually become a beautiful cuppa. For all of us, our main focus lies in making sure we play our part in building value chains which are fair and sustainable. Our raw materials are produced in ways that are kind to the environment and ensure that the people who produce them are paid fairly. Our respect for the planet also translates into the packaging we use, as all our packaging is reusable, compostable or recyclable. We pour our hearts and passion into transforming our raw ingredients – green coffee, tea leaves and cacao beans – into the soothing comfort drinks included in this selection box.


Price includes 1st class shipping within the UK. Please get in touch for shipping outside the UK.


Moments of Joy - Collaboration Box

Coffee: Ground/Whole Bean
  • Kontext Coffee Co.

    Single Origin Coffee - Guatemala Aurora
    110g (~6 servings)

    Calm Cocoa by Meredith Whitely

    Salted Madagascar Hot Chocolate
    120g (~4 generous servings)

    Comins Tea

    Oolong for an Organic Future - Taiwan
    25g ( ~10+ servings)



    6g coffee to 100ml water,         
    96°C, 2.5 - 3.5 minutes (depending on brewing method)


    9g coffee (med. coarse grind) to 100 ml cold water,
    steep in the fridge for 14-22hrs, filter and enjoy with 1 cube of ice optional: try it with tonic 




    5g tea leaves to 400ml water
    90°C, 2 minutes, up to 6 infusions


    5g tea leaves to 1litres cold water
    leave in fridge over night, strain and enjoy over ice




    30g chocolate, splash of hot water to melt,
    add 120ml hot water or 150-200 ml of your favourite milk (hot)


    30g chocolate to 250ml milk/mylk,
    melt chocolate in splash of hot water and mix it with cold milk+ice in a blender



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