As the birthplace of coffee - the place where the coffee plant Coffea Arabica was first discovered - Ethiopia holds a special place in the coffee world.  It is the origin of coffee with the largest genetic diversity and produces some of the most interesting, complex and delicate coffees in the world. 


We have decided to celebrate the motherland of Coffea by highlighting one of its beautiful coffees - produced by female coffee farmers of the Jimma zone - as well as an equally beautiful indigenous herbal tea called Koseret - produced by an all female cooperative based in the Kafa region.


The Coffee - Telila Kecho Anderacha


This particular coffee was produced by female coffee farmers in the area around Agaro town in the Jimma Zone. It was processed at ‘Telila’ Washing station in Agaro owned by American-Ethiopian Mike Mamo of Addis Exporters. We are very happy to be able to source our Ethiopian coffees together with our friends from Right Side Coffee in Barcelona, Spain. Lara, co-owner and quality manager at Right Side, travels to Ethiopia every year to visit the farmers and logistics partners they work with. She makes sure to buy from trustworthy partners like Mike Mamo who pay truly fair prices to their coffee farmers. As for the taste: it has an almost tropical vibe to it – it tastes like juicy kiwis, papayas and pineapples and has an amazing note that reminded us of a delicious vanilla donut. This coffee is a medium-light 'omni-roast'  - you can use it for Espresso as well as brewed coffee.
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The Tea - Loose Leave Koseret


Koseret or Verveine d'Afrique is an herb from the verbena family. It is a traditional staple of Ethiopian cuisine and brewed as a tisane it is used to fight off flu-like symptoms and mend stomach cramps. It is very aromatic and fragrant with notes of lemon, mint and basil and as an herbal tea it is beautifully soothing and naturally caffeine-free. We have sourced this batch of Koseret through the Rare Tea Company who buy it directly from Andinet Spice Cooperative - an all female farming cooperative located in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve. Historically, this region was home to the Kingdom of Kaffa and is renowned as the birthplace of coffee.


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Taste of Ethiopia

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