Coffee - A Seed to Cup Tasting 25/06/22

  • 25 British pounds

Kontext Coffee Club

In this session of our Kontext Coffee Club, you will learn all about how coffee is grown and the different steps it takes to turn it from a fruit growing on a tree into the fragrant morning elixir that makes it into your favourite cup every day. We will talk about the different post-harvest processing methods that create different flavour profiles, the different species of coffee that are commercially used and the tasty by products of the coffee. We will taste infusions of the coffee leaves, dried coffee cherries and blossoms as well as 3 different coffee species (Arabica, Robusta and Liberica) and 3 different post-harvest processes (natural, honey and washed). As a little added bonus you will receive a 10% roastery discount on all coffee purchases on the day. +++IMPORTANT+++: We will be tasting in groups of up to 3 people. If you are feeling unwell in any way, please be considerate and cancel your participation. Although we will do everything to avoid transmission of bodily fluids, we would like to ask that you help keep everyone safe and healthy. You might even consider taking a lateral flow test if you happen to have one to hand. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel your participation, please contact us at least 24hrs before the session start for a full refund.

Contact Details

  • Kontext Coffee Company, Ganarew, Monmouth, UK