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We do great coffee
- sustainably sourced


At the core of what we do is a deep and honest passion for coffee – as the beverage in all its shapes and forms but also as a topic that moves people all around the planet for many different reasons.

The Philosophy


It is our aim to provide you with

The best quality specialty grade coffee

we can possibly find and produce. Just as important to us though is HOW we achieve this goal. As a business and as people our actions and decisions are informed by our values and beliefs. We are convinced that focussing on these values and beliefs will always guide us to make the right decisions:


Treat others how you want to be treated.

A strong foundation of honesty and integrity on which relationships with customers, collaborators and suppliers are built. 

Think globally, act locally.

Sustainability and environmental impact as guidelines for business decisions.

Know what you buy.

Empowering people in making informed buying decisions by providing full transparency in our sourcing strategy and offering knowledge and education around our products

The Story


My name is Katja Klein and I am the founder of Kontext Coffee Company. Coffee to me is much more than the branded yet faceless bags of ground brown powder you buy in the supermarket and stick in your coffee maker to get a caffeine boost first thing in the morning. It is a sensory adventure, a really easy and beautiful way to make someone’s day. It is also the stories of 12 million coffee growing families in some of the poorest countries around the planet who struggle to make a living in a market that is very much buyer-driven and leaves them with hardly enough to cover their production costs.


It is this incredible complexity hidden behind something that is so ‘every day’ that it seems almost banal, that has captivated me and has sparked an endless curiosity and love for all things coffee. And so my first barista job in 2011 led to a barista class, which led to a coffee sommelier training, which led to my first job in a roastery, which led to countless hours of reading, brewing, extracting, tasting, sharing, travelling for and competing with coffee, to eventually roasting coffee … and 8 years further down the line setting up my own coffee roastery seemed very much like a natural next step in my very personal relationship with this beautiful topic that I can never get enough of.


Through the work we do at Kontext Coffee Company we want to help reshape the picture of coffee from being an everyday staple taken for granted in many ways to being a product that is embedded in a much more complex story about hard work, inequity and struggle as well as pleasure, indulgence and tremendous efforts in sustainability.

In other words:

We want to give your cup of coffee a new Kontext.

IMG_8223 (1).JPG
The Roastery


‘The Home of Kontext Coffee Co.’ is a small but cozy unit in Wyastone Business Park nestled into the rolling hills of the Wye Valley just outside Monmouth - right on the border between Monmouthshire in Wales and Herefordshire in England.

Being German-made myself, choosing a Probatone P12 roaster for a work companion seemed like a no-brainer. And what a beauty she is.

For quality control purposes and fun on the road, the DIY Kontext Coffee Cart has proven itself quite useful. It is usually parked in the roastery where it turns into a pop-up Café every Tuesday and Thursday to bring together the little community of coffee lovers in the business park.

Come by for a coffee, if you are ever in the area!

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