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Coffee grows in the tropical zone around the equator known as the 'coffee belt'.  It is cultivated  mostly by smallholders and their families in some of the poorest countries in the world. At Kontext Coffee we feel very strongly that as an industry, we can do a much better job of paying these farmers truly fair prices that will provide them with a proper living income.

Single Origin - Transparent Trade

We source coffees from individual countries, that can be traced down to the farm or community level (single origin). We only select coffees that are of the highest quality (specialty coffee) and offer amazing flavor complexity.


We only work with partners who provide us with a full record of traceability and offer us price transparency to ensure a truly fair share of the price goes back to the coffee farmers. These prices far exceed world market prices and prices paid by other certification initiatives.


Most of our partners have worked with the same farms and communities for years and invest back into them to improve quality, living and farming infrastructure while giving the farmers and their families the support they need to develop their business and achieve a better standard of living.



Our packaging  is omnidegradable®. It will degrade completely when exposed to the microbes in landfill, soil or water. It is suitable for home-composting or can be disposed of with the regular household waste. In a garden compost, it ends up as CO2, water and a small amount of organic biomass - no toxic residues or microplastics. This is the same for an aerobic landfill or decomposition in a body of water. Even under anaerobic conditions (in a landfill at the bottom of the pile), the material will still completely degrade but here methane is produced instead of CO2.


Transport - To transport our coffee bags we either re-use cardboard boxes or  we use  boxes made from recycled materials only. We try our best to work with logistics partners who offset their carbon footprint whenever possible.

Coffee Waste - All of our organic waste at the roastery (coffee chaff, spent coffee grounds) goes to local friends and farms and serves as a fantastic fertilizer.

Reducing Packaging - we offer our local retail customers the option of bringing in their own containers for their coffee beans instead of buying beans in bags. Similar options are available for our wholesale customers as well.


As we are a young business there are loads of ideas and ongoing projects to improve our practices and we regard this as a continuous process. Watch this space as well as our Coffee Blog to keep updated with our progress...

The green thread

that binds it all



Sustainability is a mindset that affects our decisions in all spheres of life - how we interact with each other in society and in business as well as how we interact with the planet. At Kontext Coffee Co. we let sustainability be our guide in our constant efforts to find better ways of doing things.

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