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Coffee is one of the most aromatic foods we know - it has even more aroma compounds than wine! This taster box will take you on a journey through the sensory world of Kontext Coffee Company.


Four different coffees, seasonally changing, from four different growing regions, directly traded and responsibly sourced, selected with care and roasted with love - 100g of each coffee for you to wrap your taste buds around. All our coffees are ethically sourced, single origin coffees. This means that every coffee can be traced back to the farmer or farmer cooperative who produced it. Our roasts are 'omni-roasts', which are medium-light, to bring out all the delicious fruity, chocolatey, nutty, floral and sweet notes that nature creates and they are great for Espresso preparation as well as brewed coffee (e.g. Cafetiére, filter coffee, V60, AeroPress etc.).




Coffee Taster Box

  • Each box contains:

    4x 100g freshly roasted coffee

    !! The coffee selection may vary from the coffees displayed in the photos on this page due to the seasonality of our products !!

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