Coffee is one of the most aromatic foods we know - it has even more aroma compounds than wine! These taster boxes will take you on a journey through the sensory world of Kontext Coffee Company. Four different coffees from four different growing regions, directly traded and responsibly sourced, picked out with care and roasted with love - 100g of each coffee for you to wrap your taste buds around.


All our coffees are ethically sourced, single origin coffees. This means that every coffee can be traced back to the farmer or farmer cooperative who produced it. Our roasts are 'omni-roasts', which are medium-light, to bring out all the delicious fruity, chocolatey, nutty, floral and sweet notes that nature creates and they are great for Espresso preparation as well as brewed coffee (e.g. Cafetiére, filter coffee, V60, AeroPress etc.).


With this in mind, we put together 3 different versions of the taster box to choose from with seasonally changing coffees (coffees in pictures serve as examples only):


The Espresso Box - all the coffees that we think are especially tasty as Espresso or Stovetop/Mokka Pot preparation.


The Brewed Coffee Box - filtered or brewed in any way, this coffee selection won't disappoint.


The Decaf Box - three tasty coffees containing caffeine, suited for any preparation plus 100g of our delicious sugarcane processed Decaf.


You still have a choice to make but hey - at least we narrowed it down for you :)

Coffee Taster Box

  • To keep your coffee fresh for as long as possible, store it

    - airtight
    - cool (never in the fridge though)
    - dark
    - dry

    Once you have opened a bag, always make sure to close it using the provided tin tie, pushing out all the extra air (or use a designated airtight container) and then pop it in the coolest and darkest place you can find in your kitchen. Better yet: put the bag in the freezer! Roasted coffee (whole beans or ground) contains very little residual moisture and so freezing it doesn't cause any structural changes. You can brew it straight out of the freezer without having to "defrost" it or anything.