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This is the second year we are buying this spicy Arabica lot from Uganda. It makes a lovely full-bodied and round Espresso. It has lots of chocolatiness, a bit of nuttiness and a lingering sweetness that is simply delicious! We decided on a proper medium roast to give you that extra oomph in the cup when you prepare it as Filter or Cafetiere as well.  


Background Info:


We bought this beautiful coffee through our friend Anna Lina from Mulembe Kaffee based in the Mt. Elgon region of Uganda and Hannover, Germany. Anna Lina is an agricultural scientist who has done extensive research into the wellbeing of smallholder coffee farmers in this region. Out of her research Mulembe was born, a reliable and fair business partner for 44 of these farmers who provides material and financial support, training, market access and the best farmgate prices in the region.


Thanks to the support the Mulembe team provides since 2018 many of the farmers they work with were able to improve their yields, coffee quality as well as diversify their farm income through planting other cash crops provided by Mulembe like Cacao and Vanilla. Anna Lina and her team analyse the green coffee from every farmer and give the producers detailed feedback on quality as well as defects like insect damage or the presence of plant diseases. They offer agronomic training workshops for the farmers on a regular basis and this enables the producers to make the necessary improvements year after year.  Find out more about Anna Lina's research and watch our Kontext Coffee Chat with her!


The coffees that make up this lot are fully washed with dedication to quality improvement at every step of the way. We selected 3 lots from 3 individual farmers from the parish of Goozi - Joseph Mafabi, Peter Mwambu, Geofrey Nadome. Meet Jospeh, Peter and Geofrey - watch our Kontext Coffee Chat with them. Like all the coffee in this region, this one is grown using traditional farming methods,  using only homemade organic fertilisers and no chemicals like pesticides or artificial fertilisers. Peter, Joseph and Geofrey hand pick their ripe coffee cherries, float them in water tubs to get rid of any unripe, overripe or damaged fruits, hand pulp them, ferment and wash the seeds and then dry them on netted beds provided by Mulembe. When they have reached the optimum moisture levels for export they sell the so called parchment coffee to Mulembe who take care of export, transport and import into Europe.

Goozi - Fully Washed

PriceFrom £9.50
  • 100% Arabica, medium roast

    Origin: Uganda
    Region: Mt. Elgon, Bulambuli District, Goozi Parish
    Altitude:  1800 masl
    Producer: Joseph Mafabi, Peter Mwambu, Geofrey Nadome
    Process: Fully Washed
    Varietal: SL14, Kenya Post, Bugisu Local
    Tasting Notes: Chocolate Nuts, Stewed Plums, Honey
    Recommended for: Espresso, Brewed Coffee 

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